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Art Reviews

"Creates dynamic forms that capture the magic of Motion. Their moire finish capture light in a wavelike pattern, suggest the quivering of muscles ready to burst into action. The dynamism of the sculpture is irrepressible. Worthing's sculptures activate space with brio"
Jacqueline Hall
Columbus Dispatch Art Critic

"Worthington ably holds up the three dimensional aspect of the show. Through his inventive use of geometry, the sculptures effectively dominate their space. Worthington's heroic modern sculpture works on a larger-than-life scale"
John Carlos Cantu
Ann Arbor News, Michigan

"For Worthington, it's all about design & style. His primary motivation is to create a piece that will live on. Flowing designs and workmanlike appearance"
Chris McIntosh
Art Critic - The Eagle Gazette
Lancaster, Ohio

"Unique and exciting new element. Mac's intensity and vision as an artist is identified in the bold, unique images he creates. Incredible sculpture"
Gail Geshwilm
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

"Imaginative genius, combined with a lot of sweat and labor transformed into inspiring pieces of artwork. Brash, whimsical, well-conceived. He knows how to handle his medium and he does it very well. A Mac Worthington is not boring!"
The Fabulous Short North Magazine

"Creates overpowering works of art".
The Delaware Gazette

"Imaginative genius!"
Mike Vasbinder

"Art Works that are a sleek and shining as anything out of the most sophisticated sci-fi film".
Art Thompson, Editor
Short North Gazette

"Creates a sense of movement and are carefully composed. His strong use of line continually moves the eye and makes viewers pause just to make sure nothing is actually in motion or flight"
Ann Nichols, Arts Writer
Chattanooga News

"Three hundred pounds of polished and brushed aluminum dance effortlessly, high above the three story stairwell in the new Cuyahoga County Public Library"
June Bailey
Westlife News, Cleveland, Ohio

"The artist has an unfailing sense of composition". "They echo TV homes of the rich and famous". "He is a major art force in the Midwest".
Elisabeth Ann James
Art Review Critic, Columbus, Ohio

"His signature style and bold design captured motion drew the onlooker into the outsized stainless steel and aluminum sculptures"
Chattanooga (Tn.) Free Press Arts Review

"A highlight is the Mac Worthington Studio where Mr. Worthington shows his dramatic metal sculptures"
Cincinnati Enquirer

"I especially like Worthington's "Jay Leno" which elegantly proves in aluminum how less can be more"
Jan Findley, Art Critic
Venice, Florida

"The subject of Worthington's sculpture is wonderful. Worthington's use of materials is sophisticated, handled beautifully".
Joe Loccissano, Juror
"Face and Form Exhibition"
Venice Art Center, Florida

"Worthington's worldwide popularity translates into Worthington being a local treasure"
The Ohio State University Lantern
Eddie Solis, arts writer
"A Columbus Icon"
Kaizaad Kotwal
arts feature writer

"An incredibly respected artist"
Allen Schulman
President-Canton City Council